Tom Amon, was already a Sr. Porsche Mechanic and Porsche Repair Specialist when he founded Mobile Works West. He was not your average repair mechanic. He paid his dues, and led an eventful career as an accomplished race car driver. Through many years of experience on the track and as owner of T&D Porsche Works, in Campbell, CA he was well equipped to handle anything a traditional Porsche might throw at him. He knew these cars inside and out. From stock to completely custom — Tom Amon was the right choice for any air cooled Porsche repair or rebuild project.

That is what Mobile Works West is built from and that is the baton Tom is passing forward.

With that in mind there’s plenty of history to comb through here from all those early years of Mobile Works West. Enjoy the pictures and videos of Tom’s early years, building and racing his cars, as he honed his skills and earned his reputation as the shop to come to!

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