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About Mobile Works West

Traditional air-cooled Porsches are a very special breed, requiring maintenance with precision and careful attention to detail. Mobile Works West has built a reputation for excellence in servicing these exceptional sports cars. Originally founded by Tom Amon, a master Porsche mechanic and engine builder since the early 1980s, the business has become synonymous with top-tier craftsmanship in the Porsche community. Tom’s expertise in building and maintaining air-cooled Porsches is unrivaled, with engines and transmissions restored and signed by him being highly sought after by Porsche connoisseurs.
Tom sold the business to Daniel Coria in February of 2022. He stayed on in a training and mentoring role until April of 2024. Since then, Daniel has expanded the team by taking on another seasoned mechanic, Benjamin Feliciano, while retaining Tom in an as needed advisory role. Benjamin had worked for Mobile Works West in the past while briefly living in California and was recruited back. He is a dedicated mechanic. Daniel Coria is committed to continuing the legacy of excellence and is now the primary contact for Mobile Works West.  Benjamin Feliciano, with 18 plus years in automotive repair, is a welcome asset to the team.

Our services for your air-cooled Porsche include:

  • Pre-purchase inspection / Leak-down & compression check
  • Major & minor services
  • Engine overhauls – Stock to custom
  • Complete transmission overhauls (901, 915, 930 types)
  • Suspension upgrades, shocks, brakes
  • Engine & transmission exchange program
  • Same day repair and setting adjustments
  • Fuel mixture setting / CIS / Motronic inspections & repairs
  • Fuel pressure testing and adjustments
  • Lube, oil changes & valve adjustments

And much more…

At Mobile Works West, we remain dedicated to providing the best care for your traditional air-cooled Porsche. Contact Daniel Coria today to experience the unmatched expertise and service that has made us a trusted name in the Porsche community.

Our Passion is Porsches

Meet the team

Daniel Coria


Daniel Coria is passionate about all kinds of cars, especially Porsche, and started his career as a photographer contributing photos to automotive manufacturers, such as Nissan, and to various publications. After making some great investments he did some real estate developments and then saw an opportunity at Mobile Works West to return to his love of Porsche cars. He began working for Tom in February of 2022, learning the trade from Tom while also purchasing the business over a 2 year period. Daniel took over as the full owner of Mobile Works West in April of 2024. He has honed his mechanical skills while also retaining Tom in an advisory position as well as adding Ben Feliciano, a seasoned mechanic.

Benjamin Feliciano


Ben has been passionate about anything mechanical his entire life. As a child he was already wrenching on cars and trucks with his dad in Montana. By the age of 16 he was already working as an apprentice mechanic and now has a solid 18 years experience, working as a mechanic, on both Domestic and Foreign cars. He briefly worked for Mobile Works West, when he accompanied his partner there, for the summer of 2019. He did a phenomenal job but had to return to Montana. In 2023 circumstances brought him and his family back to California and Daniel was quick to recruit him back. He has been working for Mobile Works West since June of 2023, with most of that time spent working on the most involved repairs alongside Tom Amon, further expanding on his air cooled Porsche skills. He is a great addition and asset to the team.

Tom Amon

Tom Amon is a senior Porsche Mechanic with a long history in Air Cooled Porsche vehicles. He is well know in the Porsche community. At the age of 21 he began working as an apprentice mechanic at Anderson Behel Porsche Audi in Santa Clara, Ca. He took his skills to Alex’s Porsche House in Campbell, Ca where he again quickly became the engine builder for the shop. By the age of 25, chopping at the bit, he left and opened his own shop and never looked back. He has a lifetime history of owning and operating air cooled Porsche repair shops while working alongside his mechanics, day in and day out, wrenching and doing and overseeing the hardest and most complicated repairs. There isn’t anything he can not do when it comes to air cooled Porsche cars. With a decades long 5 star reputation, he is simply the best.
He has now decided to retire and sold his business to Daniel Coria but is staying involved, in an advisory role or for specific projects, on an as needed basis.

OUR RENOVATED LOCATION! Porsche Repair Shop Location: 12356 Loma Rica Dr. Grass Valley, California 95945 (mobile by appointment available)

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